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Vitax - Nippon Ant Control System Twin Pack

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Nippon Ant Control System Twin Pack

The Nippon Ant Control System from Vitax is a clean, simple and convenient method of dealing with ant infestations in and around the home. It contains two refillable ant traps and a supply of Nippon Ant Killer liquid, for quick elimination of ants and their nests without trace. The Nippon Ant Killer Liquid acts as a lethal bait for ants.

Setting the traps is easy - simply pierce four holes in the sides of each trap, place a few drops of the liquid in the centre of the traps and replace the lid. The system should be used at the first sign of ant activity - normally in early spring. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Use at the first signs of ant activity (normally early spring).

Active ingredient: Spinosad.

Technical Specs

Spinosad content: 0.081%.